Bukovina dairy products have a new owner - SANAGRO company, whose dairy farms are certified as GMO Free.

Just a few kilometres from Liptovská Mara you will find a place where local farmers have been producing some of the best quality dairy products in Slovakia on a daily basis since 2002.

Four years ago, they decided to start offering consumers fresh, steamed or ripened cheeses, yoghurts and other products, the quality of which is still at a high European level today. All these products, which Slovaks know under the brand name Beechwood, produced by Agronova Liptov, which has recently been joined by the Slovak agricultural group SANAGRO, which brings together 11 farms. It is helping them to grow qualitatively and economically, and has the same plans for Agronova Liptov.

SANAGRO wants to save sheep breeding and bryndza production

On the farm in the heart of the Liptov region, a total of 25 people are engaged in production and production. He farms an area of just under 1 000 hectares and owns a small dairy and cheese factory, which are able to process his own sheep's milk production and part of the cow's milk production into a wide range of products. Some of the finest fresh, steamed and matured cheeses, yoghurts and even high-quality bryndza come from its workshops.

The preservation of sheep breeding in Slovakia and the production of bryndza or other products are one of the factors on which SANAGRO, as the owner of the farm, wants to build in the future. "This moves us towards one of our goals - to support the processing sector of domestic products, which leads to increasing the food self-sufficiency of Slovakia. We plan to increase the quality and production to an even higher level," said Tomáš Kohút, CEO of SANAGRO. Already today the cheeses of the brand Beechwood highly valued - they have won several quality labels in Slovakia, for their exceptional taste they have also collected awards in the neighbouring Czech Republic in the National Competition of Small Cheese Producers.

Top quality in our own shop

Dairy products Beechwood can be found in several Slovak stores, but also on the shelves of the SANAGRO cooperative store in Bratislava's Fresh Market. The name already makes it clear that it was opened by the owner of this dairy farm, the SANAGRO group. "Customers will only find products from our own and cooperating farms. This is the only way we can 100 percent guarantee the origin of the food and the entire journey from farming to production directly to the consumer," specified Tomáš Kohút, SANAGRO CEO. In addition to dairy products, the store offers fresh packaged meat, natural juices or Jablčno drinks, free-range eggs, as well as dried apples.

Products from SANAGRO are GMO Free

By the way, all dairy farms that fall under SANAGRO hold certificates that they do not use genetically modified feed in their farms. Thus, milk and products from SANAGRO's dairy can be labelled GMO Free.

SANAGRO, as one of the few companies on the market, strives to bring better quality food to the general public. This is despite the fact that large processors currently do not pay for milk with GMO Free label. "We believe that over time public opinion will change and more and more milk producers will join us, and that dairies, retailers and consumers will be willing to pay 2 cents more for high quality, non-GMO milk," SANAGRO states.

Read about all GMO Free dairy farms TU.

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