Agrosid has been a stable partner for farmers for 20 years

The business of farming is as fickle as the weather that so profoundly affects it. That's why farmers need a stable partner who can adapt to their needs.

He knows how to be flexible to meet them in unexpected situations and is also strong to lend a helping hand. This is exactly what Agrosid from Dunajská Streda is, a company that has built a solid market position and good relations with farmers over years of honest and professional work. This spirit continues even after its integration into the Sanagro agricultural group, which has enabled Agrosid to move forward.

Working with big and small

Agrosid works with hundreds of farmers every year. "There is a wide range of partners from large cooperatives to growers with hundreds of hectares of land to retired farmers who cultivate their land in units of hectares," said Kristína Gabriel, Executive Director of Agrosid and Sales Director of Sanagro.

The company has the advantage of storage capacity, proximity to buying points and flexibility at harvest time. "If a partner calls to say he needs mowing on a Sunday, our gate will be open for him," described by. Agrosid provides Rye Island farmers with storage, post-harvest handling and crop quality care, as well as financing, seed, fertilizer and crop protection products at discounted prices and crop buying.

Last year alone, the company bought more than 70 thousand tons of commodities from partners. Mainly corn, wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, peas and this year it is also starting to buy soybeans. "We are not a 'corporation' where the system will not let go. We respect the special needs of growers, such as storing feed commodities for animals or staggering sales over time," added Kristína Gabriel.

Values remain the same

Even after last year's change of ownership, Agroside's core values and good relationships with partners remain. According to Kristina Gabriel, they emphasize a personal and equal approach regardless of the size of the partner and ensure farmers receive timely payments. When problems arise, they are helpful in finding solutions. "For us, these values are traditions that we build on and that must not change," she stressed. Her colleague László Ürögi, who is in charge of providing inputs to customers in the company. László Nyári, the company's agricultural engineer, highlights the trust that farmers have built up with Agrosid over 20 years. The continuity is also guaranteed by the employees themselves, who have worked in the company for many years, many since the company's inception and have remained after the arrival of the new owner.

"We believe that long-standing good relations with farmers will be a strong enough argument for them to work with us in the future. Our goal is to prove that Agrosid continues to be correct and reliable society," added Marczel Helga, Agrosid's finance manager.


László Ürögi, providing inputs to customers, has been working at Agroside since 2005

We are a domestic company with a long tradition, which stands on firm feet. Our agreements are always valid, we are flexible in solving problems and with an individual approach to our partners. We have our own warehouse capacity and an extensive partner network on both sides.

Marczel Helga, Finance Manager, has been working at Agroside since 2015

Our partners know the advantages of Agrosid, which include: security, financial stability, helpfulness.

László Nyári, agricultural engineer, has worked at Agroside since 2008

Stability, reliability, correctness. These are the words that characterize us.

Vojtech Szabó, Operations Manager, has been working at Agroside since 2013

Partnership, quality, reliability, expertise, approach - in this spirit the company will be a good partner to everyone.

Bálint Patassy, warehouseman Gabčíkovo, has been working at Agroside since 2006

We have been a stable partner for 20 years, we pay on time, we stick to our agreements, we help growers in harder times.

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