Agrosid: we innovate, but with respect for tradition

Long-term relationships based on trust, fairness and mutual respect - these are the three pillars on which the business policy of Agrosid from Dunajská Streda is based.

This has been the case since it was founded almost 20 years ago by three of its former owners. Respecting this tradition, the company continues under new management, as it was integrated into the Sanagro agro group in 2023. Thanks to this, it continues to thrive. However, in order to continue to move forward in the future, it has not forgotten the necessary modernisation.

"After the sale of the company, we were worried about what it would mean for us. After a year, I can say that, as with the previous owners, the new management is very human and treats its workers as equals," describes Helga Marczelová, finance manager at Agrosid. The new management's aim, she says, is to continue the already proven processes. So that farmers - the company's partners - do not experience any changes. "We try to reassure our partners that the company is in good hands," She added.

Agrosid acts as a reliable partner for the growers of agricultural crops from the Rye Island region. It offers seeds, fertilisers and crop protection products to farmers and also provides them with the means to finance them. It also provides post-harvest treatment such as cleaning and drying, and stores and cares for the crops to maintain their quality. It buys commodities from farmers and then sells them.

The traditions on which Agrosid stands

"The new owners took over the company with a functioning business policy and attitude towards business partners. And these factors remained key," added another employee Ladislav Urogi, who is in charge of providing inputs for customers. He has been working in the company since its foundation in 2005 and even after the change of owners, he says, the company is following in the footsteps of the "old" Agrosid. László Nyári, the company's agricultural engineer, explains that the way of working has remained the same even after the change of management. "Agrosid started as a family business and has now transitioned into a larger group. The change I see is that longer-term goals can be realised in the future, it's an opportunity for further expansion," he added.

According to Sanagro's commercial director Kristina Gabriel, the group took over Agrosid a year ago as a very well-functioning company with a stable partner base. "One of the main priorities upon my arrival at Agrosid was to get to know the key partners and understand where this mutual loyalty lies," she described, adding that the former owners introduced her to dozens of partners in the first few months. "I have heard the same arguments from everyone why they have been working with Agrosid for many years: trust, reliability, flexibility of opening hours of the buying yards during harvest, validity of agreements (even without being on paper), personal and equal approach regardless of the size of the partner, timely payment and finding solutions in case of problems. For us, these values are the traditions on which we build and which must not change," stressed Kristína Gabriel.

Modernisation and investment

However, the company's progress is not possible without modernisation and investment. However, in the one year that Agrosid has been operating in the Sanagro Group, there has been no "revolution" of changes and innovations in the company. "For example, since January we have switched to a new accounting program, and we are currently implementing the sales and warehouse module of the ERP system." at the same time, the company is planning investments in warehouse capacities and more efficient machines.

In the near future, the company is expecting a harvest, and this is a crucial period in this business. "We are trying to make sure that the harvest goes as well as possible, that the partners are satisfied and that they bring in as much goods as possible," explained Kristína Gabriel. The company is also opening a new redemption point in Horní Saliba. The aim of this move is to reach a wider radius of partners from the surroundings of Galanta and Šala. "If we manage to fill the warehouses, it will mean that we have retained the trust of our partners. It will be both a success and a huge commitment for the future," She concluded.

Where to find AGROSID centres


Dunajská Streda




Horné Saliby

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