Dušan Krajči


Commentary by Dušan Krajči, Commercial Director of the agro company SANAGRO.

The SANAGRO Group endorses and fully agrees with the article by Emil Mach, Chairman of the SPPK, entitled Yellow Armageddon published on 13.05.2020 on sppk.sk. Similarly, we perceive the issue of crowd psychosis, where people are misled by misinformation and interpreted half-truths by people who, for the most part, have no experience with agricultural production, whether small or large-scale.

Our company, like 99 % other farmers, is committed to sustainability and rotation of crop rotation plans. To be more specific, over the last five years, oilseed rape sowings have fluctuated between 9 and 12 % on average, depending on the variation of sowing practices.

"We've had enough of that too" to paraphrase a small farmer. I would finally stop pointlessly pushing the notion that all the big guys are bad, the agri-bourgeoisie or the financial groups.

Let's start with common sense, judging companies by production, performance, adherence to sustainability, looking at them as a stable partner in the region, a partner of municipalities, ZMOS, as a payer of property tax for land and so on. I see it today, in some cases, also from the state as discrimination and punishment for wanting to be successful. To this day, I still do not understand who among the wise decided that drought compensation should not apply to large enterprises. Does anyone feel that our crops will dry up any differently than a small business? I think not. The Brussels regulation was not the decision.

So, in the end, I would sum it up: we are also proud to have built SANAGRO, which farms 18 000 hectares of land in different regions, employs about 300 people, breeds about 6 000 cattle, produces 1.5 million litres of milk per month, we are involved in special production, eco-production, we run a small dairy with our own dairy production, we finalise the sale of meat, eggs and we run our own shop to bring our products directly from the farms to the general public. Our cattle do not need a diplomatic passport, they were born, bred, slaughtered and processed in Slovakia.

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