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You don't have to travel abroad for quality food. There are many farms in Slovakia that produce local, natural, organic or GMO free products. SANAGRO, whose products can also be bought in the Starý Otec network of farm shops, has also started to produce them.

The tastes and preferences of Slovaks have been gradually changing over the years and there is a growing interest in quality and domestic products. Many people read food labels in shops and prefer those that do not contain chemistry, colourings or various preservatives. It is therefore good news that there will be even more of these foods in Slovakia.

Our milk and meat are GMO-free

Sanagro has also been producing honest food for more than a year. The company breeds thousands of cows on its 11 farms in western and central Slovakia, and has chosen not to use genetically modified products on its five cooperatives. What does this mean? That she only feeds her animals feed that does not contain any genetically modified ingredients. "The health of people and animals is a top priority for us. Our products can carry the GMO free label, something we are extremely proud of. Such foods are of high quality and beneficial to human health. This is also our idea - to supply only superior food to the tables of Slovaks," says Tomáš Kohút, director of Sanagro company, which produces its own dairy products - yoghurts or cheeses - from GMO free milk under the brand Bukovina.

Bio-breeding of hens starts in Záhorie

But it doesn't stop there - the emphasis is now increasingly on humane chicken farming. Several farmers, including Sanagro, have already taken this route. On Samuel Jurkovič's farm in Sobotiště near Senica, you will find hundreds of free-range hens running around. "We are currently planning to expand the breeding of hens for eggs by adding bio breeding on our largest organic farm Bos-Por Agro in Huški in the Záhorie region," admits Tomáš Kohút from Sanagra.

Products under the Sanagro brand in Stary Otec

If you like fresh homemade beef or lamb, quality dairy products or free-range eggs, you will find exactly that not only in the Sanagro cooperative store in Bratislava's Fresh Market, but also in the latest addition to its shelves is the retail farm network Starý Otec. The latter has opened its 20th store in Slovakia. You must know it, it takes great care with its assortment. "It is a proven fact that poor quality food shortens life, which is short anyway. Therefore, we should not care what food we eat. For eight years now, the Starý Otec chain of stores has been bringing products that can be described as honest into homes," says Hans Faltys, co-founder of the Old Father chain.

Demands on food quality are high

On the shelves of Starý Otec stores, which you can find mostly in shopping centres in Bratislava, you will find hundreds of tasty products exclusively from Slovak farms. The reason? Veterinary standards are much higher here than in neighbouring European countries. The internal code for selecting what they put on the shelves is very strict. "Foods must not contain colourings or preservatives that are considered carcinogenic or that cause hyperactivity in children. Meat must not contain antibiotics or growth hormones. Baked goods shall not contain solidified fats, which are full of trans-fatty acids," Hans Faltys describes the priorities when looking for suppliers. "I am therefore glad that our journey to find exceptional producers has led us to Sanagro, which has the same high standards for food quality as we do, and that is why we are gradually adding, and will continue to add Sanagro products to our shelves," concluded Hans Faltys, adding that products under the Sanagra banner can be found on the shelves of the Old Father from the new year.

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