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Overpopulation of game is devastating crops


Overpopulated populations of game animals are devastating crops 😭 and causing farmers 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾škody that are estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands 💸💸💸💸 .

SANAGRO 💚💛 is no exception and has a big problem with wild animals in the Záhorie region in Senica, but especially in the Turiec area. PD Turiec, based in Dubovo, has quantified the damages of more than 200.000 EUR 💸 last year alone, which is the most in the last four years 📈. The damage in Turca is mainly caused by large herds of deer and losses regularly amount to over a tonne of harvest per hectare 📉. With current commodity prices we need to protect every kilo of the crop 🙏, so we decided to invest in protective all-season fencing to protect the crop.

The mechanical barrier was not sufficient in many cases and helped only to the extent of stopping the wild boar from penetrating🐗, but the deer broke through it without any problems. 🤦‍♀️ So we built fencing with about 600 acacia stakes and 5 rows on 50 hectares. The purpose of the fencing is to keep the herd out of the field, so we believe 🙏 that we will definitely recoup this investment when we calculate the losses.

RTVS has aired 🐗🐗🐗🐗 about this big problem of overpopulated game stocks 🐗🐗🐗 that plagues the vast majority of growers 🎬📽 in its regular magazine FARMER'S REVIEW Report (17:15) 👌is interview with our regional director Ing. Adam Hrebíček 👨‍🌾, which is responsible for the Turiec region. 

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