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Fresh, high quality, seasonal and from our own farming. Such food can be found in the new Sanagro store in Bratislava's Fresh Market.

It was opened by the company of the same name - SANAGRO, which takes care of its own animals, grows vegetables and processes its milk products on its cooperatives in western and central Slovakia.

On the shelves you will find only what the company has preserved or grown itself, or goods from small farmers whom the company has been helping for a long time. "By only selling products from our own and cooperating farms, we can guarantee the origin and the entire path from breeding to production directly to the customer. This is key for us in terms of selling to the end consumer," explains Dušan Krajči, Sanagro's Sales Director, who is behind its concept.

In the Sanagro co-operative shop you will only find products from Slovak farms that belong to one owner.

Sanagro shop wants to ensure 100% freshness

In the Sanagro cooperative store you will find mainly quality meat directly from farms, mostly beef from cows or bulls that have been raised and butchered in Slovakia. "We want people to learn that they can only find fresh stuff here," said Tomáš Kohút, CEO of Sanagro. He also adds that in the future they would like to add their own chickens and lamb to the range, and they are also considering producing their own honey from their own organic farms.

Only 100 percent fresh meat can be found on the shelves.

Dairy products directly from the regional farm

From Agronova's own farm, which also operates the Bukovina dairy in the Liptovský Mikuláš district, fresh yoghurt, cheese, bryndza, korbáčiky and milk, which comes from cows and sheep directly from the farm and the region, are regularly delivered to the Sanagro store.

The variety and diversity of the offer will be gradually expanded by the co-operative shop, especially according to the possibilities of the farms and the requirements of the customers. You will also find free-range eggs from the free-range domestic breeding that we breed on the Samuel Jurkovič cooperative in Sobotiště at the foot of the White Carpathians.

The eggs come exclusively from the free range.

Sanagro: Seasonality is essential for vegetables and fruit

As the owners of the shop say, the quality and freshness of the food is based on its seasonality. This is what the offer will be based on, especially in the summer. You will find plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit on the shelves. Some of it comes from Sanagro's own farms, the rest from a small farmer from the south of Slovakia, Gejza Varga, with whom the company has been cooperating for a long time.

Gejza Varga in Kravany nad Dunajom, in addition to seasonal cultivation, also produces his tasty apple juice South Orchards. By the way, from this juice from integrated production, with minimal use of chemistry in cultivation, is also produced the Slovaks' favourite Jablčno. You can also find it on the shelves of the Sanagro cooperative store in Bratislava's Fresh Market.

The popular Jablčno is also made from the juices of the Južné Sady brand. Both products can be found in the Sanagro shop.

From the organic farm directly to the shelves

The main idea of the shop is, among other things, a look back to a time when Slovakia was not flooded with cheap food imports from abroad. Today it is a rarity to find Slovak onions, carrots, potatoes, legumes and often meat in shops, and the owners of the Sanagro cooperative shop want to change this at least partially. "We planted our own onions on our farm in Sobotiště near Senica. We are also planning to grow organic potatoes on one of the largest organic farms in Slovakia, BOS-POR Agro in Huški near Borské Svatá Jur. We are also planning to pack peas, sunflowers or other legumes, because our market lacks them," revealed Tomáš Kohút from Sanagra.

The owner of the shop breeds cattle for milk and processes it on his farm in Liptovská Sielnica.

Slovaks deserve to eat the best quality food, says Sanagro

The co-operative shop has only recently opened its doors and the feedback from the first customers has been very positive. "We farm with love, honesty and responsibility and that's what we want our products to look like. We know that we take the best care of our animals and crops, and that's why we decided that we want to sell them to Slovak customers. We deserve to eat the best quality that our farms have to offer. We believe that our customers will appreciate that, too," added Tomáš Kohút.

Our SANAGRO shop can be found on the ground floor to the right of the main entrance. The nearest public transport stop for lines 50 and 196 is at Yema. Outside parking and in the garage in Freshmarket you have 90min free of charge.
Opening hours are Mon-Fri 8:00-18:30, Saturday 8:00-16:00.

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